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Welcome to J.E.P.

The Jewish Education Program (J.E.P.) offers a wide variety of programs for the Toronto Jewish community and surrounding areas.


As well, JEP provides Shabbos, Yom Tov, and daily minyanim in a warm and sincere atmosphere. For regular minyanim times, please click here.

JEP offers a variety of noted lecturers in our community.  Please call the office at 416.785.5899 for details. 

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Women's Division

  • Rosh Chodesh get-togethers are held throughout the year featuring guest speakers from community.

    A weekly Learn & Say Tehillim group meets Mondays at 12:15. Participants can phone in from home and join the group as well.
  • One-on one tutorials on various Torah subjects can be arranged with volunteers from the community.
  • Shabbos placements can be set up with host families in the Bathurst-Lawrence or adjacent area.

    Please contact Rochel Weiser at 416-785-5899 x. 225 for more information.


JEP Ohr Somayach of Toronto offers a full array of classes and Shabbatonim throughout the city throughout the year, and on campus.  Regardless of your personal background we can serve as a resource to discover the educational experience you are looking for. 

Classes for University students are held weekly during the school year at University of Toronto, York University and University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier. 

For a printable  list of shiurim classes available to Jewish University students, please click here.

For students who have questions on programs, classes or halachic questions, please call 416.785.5899 x. 218

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U. of T

JEP offers a full array of classes at U of T every Tuesday afternoon on subjects such as medical ethics, Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and bible are featured.  Please call the JSU at (416) 978-0422 for locations and times of classes.

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JEP offers a full array of classes at York every Thursday afternoon on subjects such as medical ethics, Talmud, Jewish philosophy, and bible are featured.  Please call the JSF at (416) 736-5178 for locations and times of classes.

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JEP Ohr Somayach of Toronto is happy to provide the Jewish students of Ontario with a wide selection of shabbatons throughout the year in Thornhill, Toronto and Waterloo.  Every year we have a series of shabbatons  featuring exciting, dynamic speakers, often from Israel. 
Additionally, JEP organizes "Yeshiva Shabbatons" which cater to young men who would like a yeshiva experience amidst their daily lives.  These Shabbosim present shiurim and mussar discourses as are commonly found in the yeshiva atmosphere.  
Of course, JEP also runs all women's shabbatons.  These offer women an opportunity to spend an entire shabbos with other women like themselves.  Usually, these shabbatons center around conventional themes.  Occasionally, specifically women's themes will be featured.


Coming soon (really)


JEP also has a night yeshiva, “Yeshivas Limudei Hashem”.
The Night Yeshiva meets three nights a week, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. These shiurim are taught by Rabbi Posen and Rabbi Plotnick. 
For more information, please contact Rabbi Posen at (416) 256-7233.

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JEP is now home to the Weinstock Memorial Kollel Avreichem libraries. For contact information please call 416.785.5899 x. 244


The Canadian Foundation for Education and Welfare of Jews of the CIS has been supporting Jewish communities in Eastern Europe since 1989.  Our projects include welfare for the poor, Pesach food grants, educational projects, and community rebuilding.
For more detailed information, use the links above to find out more, or contact Rabbi Mandel at
Since the first Jewish school opened in the CIS (Kiev, 1991) the Canadian Foundation has been providing financial support and educational aid.  The fourteen schools listed here receive direct aid from our foundation, while dozens of others receive benefit from our support in many ways.

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The JEP office is open from Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm.
Phone 416.785-5899 Fax: 416.785.9532
Mailing Address:
2939 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M6B 3B2

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Inquiries regarding shul questions or general inquiries should be directed to Susan x. 226

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